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I wasn’t expecting much out of this day I just wanted it to begin get through it and end. I had just spent a full day painting the eyes for a portrait of Modigliani. It had been quite the labor of love painting his eyes perfectly, as he seemed to judge each and every stroke and dab. It was almost as if he was saying not so much in one place stupid, less is more, stop that, be on yer way.  But by the end of the day I swear his stare winked at me. Today I finished the rest of the face and realized he really was capable of finding a special gaze or particular event happening in every face, and in their eyes.  I couldn’t help but wonder what that must be like, you know, to be so sure of something, or someone being perfect. I don’t how he did it; I guess he really did see things with a special slant.  I decided to have a hot cup of peppermint tea and relax before going out to eat. I hadn’t even thought about food today or much of anything else.  The painting was everything. Still after the tea, I departed for the restaurant. 

As I arrived at monsieur’s Louie’s and I immediately caught the aroma of French cuisine blending against the backdrop of New York brick; causing my senses to sniff out the contrast of the two blends. Being a regular at this place does have it advantages, the place was flesh against flesh, and only one silk table cloth left in the room. Louie the monsieur “Yes it is his restaurant” Louie tells me I must share zee table with another single.  God I just don’t like doing this I explained, but Louie told me it was the only option, besides he chuckled, she’s an artist too. You two can talk about the Louvre Musee d’ orsay or walk along the Champs ellysees, pretend hey, that’s what you artist do. I’m starving Louie not looking for love. He said theirs is a third chair at the table, if it doesn’t work out protect yourself with the third chair, and he began to laugh.  Then he says it again “protect your self with the chair, from a woman” and then laughs again. If he only knew that I had given up on such silly whims as love. The women I meet now days don’t really understand true love.  True love is a body of water that drowns you against the rocks, it holds your head underwater until you can no longer breathe, and then it holds you down a little longer, until you feel like you’ll heave.  But as I came around the corner and saw her, brunette hair neat and scholarly, Comfortable shoes with a pinstriped red dress that she overpowered. I could not see her face, but something about her gave me butterflies. I grabbed Louie’s arm and stopped him, I can’t set here with her, I have, well trouble with beautiful women, and I don’t get along with them very well.  I had always found the more beautiful the woman, the more self absorbed, and less educated the woman.  Not always the case but, as a general rule this has rang true more times than not.  Louie blurted out, and she could hear him I’m sure, who does get along with any women, your kidding right?  I could have died, and I’m sure she found this fact about women not that amusing.  Louie laid the menu on the table and said introduce your self to her and left.  Later I would find out that this was Louie’s sister, and that he was sure we’d made a good pair.  I began to introduce myself as she looked up at me and took my hand…There it was… that quick… with just the touch of finger tips, we froze in time as we caught each others eyes.  I was immediately truly smitten, what was it about her that stopped my word like disc brakes? That caused us both to pretend we spent to long in the freezer isle, pretending to be in suspended animation, what caused our eyes to soften to the point we couldn’t even blink. I was tired of women, especially beautiful women, because of so many bad past experiences with them, but this was different, and not just for me either, but for her too.  It was like I was the first numbers to the combination lock, she was the second number, and love had become the last number needed to unlock our hearts. As the evening progressed, it only had gotten better if that was possible, things between us began to heat up at an incredible sweltering pace, I told her I had never experienced anything like this before, and she responded in kind.  The world was really spinning around for us, faster and faster, we realized we fit, I fit into the left shoe, and she into the right.  Most of the evening had slid by on micron time, and then it really changed gears, overdrive, on fire, warp speed; lust sprawled against the wall, type gears.  

After dinner we tried to cool off by taking a walk and small talk, but eventually the conversation took a turn into what we yearned,  we started taking the talk deeper and deeper down, into the pool of her essence, and the water within her I found was clear and warm.  I floated effortlessly into her voice as the cities mist split apart for us.  Her voice seemed to be made for me, and only me. We both decided to dive a little deeper, ending up at the bottom of her pool, lying there in her deepest part.  The part of you that makes you, who you are, the part that never leaves without you. When we rose and broke the surface she wrapped her dainty fingers into the back of my hair squeezing as her fist close, and pulling me within inches of her life, her real light, I suddenly felt that feeling I had always wanted and waited a lifetime for, she pulled me hard into her mouth, and wide open our lips sealed the outside world away.  She breathed into my mouth and I sucked it in, and gulped down her breath, knowing it was hers, and I would have her inside me forever.  The starving saliva stuck to our lips as we both slowing parted.  I could wait no longer to tell her, no more secrets, so this is love and how fast it can happen., In a voice that had just speared love I told her, I see YOU, the real you, in your eyes, the person within, I see you the essence of your being, you, the you that stops the beat in heart, dead in my chest, You the hot blood in my veins, I will always see you, magnificent you.

I had to tell her the rest, I couldn’t stop myself even if my lips were stapled and then super glued, I kept going I told her that if I were blind and had but one minute left of life; I would spend it all in her eyes. I was swimming in her warm wet essence and I could not, and did not ever want, to let myself be in this world without her. Her eyes began leaking down her cheeks; I know she said, I can tell! You really do see me.  I’ve had to wade threw a decade of swimming eyes, and no man has ever look into me like this, raised the blind to open my soul and see me, I mean really look inside of me, like you do. I could die this minute, she said, and heaven would rage in raw jealousy. I was beginning to believe this would never happen to me, she said; but in the reflection of your eyes, I see the real me, who I really am, and more importantly what I can be.  And now I can’t stop these damn eyes from crying my truths.  Her immense thick brown hair, hazel eyes, and kissing made lips, just faded away from her, I no longer even saw these attributes of hers now, they just kept fading and fading back further and further, revealing how beautiful a soul in love becomes. I snuck my mouth along side her ear and whispered, I see you, and I will always see you, in daylight or nightfall, on foggy days. I will see you.

 The waves over took us pulling us under the thunder and down. We began to boil our love over. Later that night and through the early morning light I took her, and she called for the Gods to help her again and again, and God answered her over and over. Afterwards she took me, and I asked for strength to complete this perfect love, and the heavens caved in like tin foil.  The spraying light under the waves swept us out to sea.  And neither of us could break the surface to breathe, and it was wonderful, the way the sea held us under. The sea released us from her pure sacred blue water and rinsed us off on her hot sandy shores, exposing us to the world, in love for the first time.

p.s. We sent Louie a note that read: Thank you Louie, but keep the third chair.


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I am breathless good sir....amazing!

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