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Is There a Difference Between Democrats and Republicans?

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By Christina Hazelwood

Am I missing something?  Why are President Barack Obama’s recommendations on former President Bush’s tax cuts being bantered back and forth between Democrats and Republicans as though there is a conflict?  Let me solve it for them.

Both Democrats and Republicans agree not to increase taxes on the poor or the middle class, least they revolt.  Obama wants to allow tax rates on those in high-income brackets to pay the formerly higher tax rate.  Republicans point out that the high earners include small businesses from whom all new job creation comes and therefore Congress should not increase their taxes, lest we squash desperately needed new jobs.

After a long, hard two seconds of thought, I have miraculously resolved the conflict.  Institute the high earner tax, then provide tax credits to every small business that creates a new job, hires someone and keeps them employed for a full year.  Boy, I almost broke a sweat figuring that one out.  Conflict resolved!  Two giant political parties and they cannot figure that one out?  Either I am a political genius or there is a ruse going on here.  I’m guessing it’s the later.

Apparently the two parties are attempting to manufacture any area of conflict they can conjure up to make it appear as though there is a difference between them. 



Both parties want power and control.  Both parties want to forcible take as much money as they can out of our pockets in the form of taxes and other insidious methods, take as much off the top as the can for themselves, then dole the rest out as they choose.  Both parties want you to feel good about the fact they are taking your money and doing what they want with it.  And both parties want you to vote for them again and again and again.  What’s the difference?

Candidates from both parties talk out of both sides of their mouths.  Both Democrats and Republicans make campaign promises they fail to live up to.  Candidates from both parties continuously display immoral behavior and commit unethical acts.  Candidates from both parties claim to be independent, and then promptly vote with their party.  The very fact they call it “a party,” should offer the American people some clue as to what goes on in Washington.

Candidates from both “parties” continuously pay themselves more, accept campaign contributions from well-heeled companies and lobbyist in order to represent their interests, rather than ours, give themselves top-notch free healthcare, luxurious retirements and take vacations on our dime.  Candidates from both parties attach to every piece of legislation a little something extra for themselves.  Candidates from both parties refuse to cut budgets and stop the excessive good times they are having on our dime.  Candidates from both parties blame the other party for any difficulties then continue right on as they always have.



Candidates from both parties fill our ears and minds and airwaves with a bunch flimflam and nonsense to get our vote, pretending there is some difference between them.  Both parties attempt to distract voters from the fact that they are stealing our money, taking plenty for themselves and giving the rest away to their friends.  Friends like bankers, insurers, corporations and political action committees.  If a group of voters raises too much of stink about it, politicians throw a bit of money their way to placate them and shut them up.  And just as always, the rich get richer, the poor stay poor and the middle class shrinks.

Both political parties attempt to distract the American people from their real purpose which is to take our money, our life energy, our time and our natural resources to enrich and empower themselves, then dole out the resources they have taken from us to multi-national corporations and countries that offer politicians what they want in return, which is usually more money and more power.  Candidates from both parties rile up voters by pretending they can legislate individual morality and moral choices to get the emotionally overwrought voters to forget what’s really happening:  the government is taking your money, your country’s resources, your life energy and giving it away to power-seekers who seek to control you and who do control you.  And you are allowing it to happen.



Luckily there is one area where Republicans and Democrats whole-heartedly agree.  And feel no need to hide it.  Both parties agree to keep any other party out.  Candidates from both parties refuse to debate candidates from any other party.  Both parties dismiss candidates from other parties, treating them as inconsequential and ludicrous.  Their efforts to delegitimize and invalidate any other party has worked effectively for centuries, allowing them to perform their pretend dramas every election.



Every election it’s the same thing.  The Democrats and Republicans manufacture areas of conflict so that the American people think their vote counts.  Every election they find a political nuance to conflict over, or distract voters with moral choices they have strong opinions about, so that voters then rush to the poles and push a button, thinking they are accomplishing something.  And every election Americans dutifully go to the poles and push a same button again to select the same thing over and over and over again.

Without an outside party gaining power, nothing of substance will change in America.  The two-party system remains in tact, Americans grumble a bit louder and the next election the whole charade starts over again.  If you are rich, own or run a corporation, are a politician, insurer, banker, lawyer, or doctor and live in America, life is grand and will continue to be so.  If you are anyone else, look out!  Because it’s not going to get any better in American so long as we keep pushing button A or B.





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