Nocturnal(Part 1) (Mature Subject Matter)

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She could still feel the sting as the door closed. He was pleasant enough and friendly. He even gave her a sweet goodbye kiss. But he still had left. He didn't ask to stay. So now she was left with just his scent on her skin. She should shower. She should wash. Put on another set of pajamas. Instead she just stood in the living room. The clock was stuck again and ticking incessantly. Her breasts were still tender. She had wanted him to stay.

Fear stopped her and reminded her of the one before. Another pleasant fellow who liked to laugh and wear expensive Italian cologne. He had taken her out for drinks the first night. The next night was dinner with a walk. He seemed a really nice guy for an online site. The third night in a row was at her place. She played coy with him like a kitten with yarn; teasing in bits and backing off. Then she finally pounced. 

The next three hours were heaven. The high she got and the power she felt. She was drunk from the way he looked at her. She became stronger with each moan and alive with every thrust. She almost believed her own lie as they were laying on her bed. He was lightly running his fingers through her hair. Giving her a quick kiss he announced he had to leave because it was getting late. She said with her new found confidence that he could stay.

He dressed quickly and very sweetly reminded her that he got up early in the morning. Then he was out the door, and several unreturned phone calls later, gone. She was not going to make the same mistake. He had been her new favorite fix. She had molded him for weeks. He seemed to respond to the implied seduction she crafted. She didn't have to be too vulgar. She didn't have to be forceful. She didn't have to cuddle and coddle. She had men to fill those roles already.

Now she was standing with the new replacement's scent all over her skin. This guy was even better. He was beautiful, brown, and younger. Middle eastern which intrigued her. No, she was going to handle this one better. He had proven himself over the last two months, and she needed to keep him.

She lifted up her arm and breathed in his scent again. She wanted him to stay. There was a beep from her phone. He had sent her a very charming message. Her lips curled into a slight smile. She would text him back in the morning. Yes, she was going to handle this one better. She walked back upstairs, turned out the light, and crawled into bed. The bed smelled of him. She was lightly running her fingers through her hair when she slowly drifted off to sleep. 

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