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There are Islands

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             The man that said .. no man is an island couldn't have possibly understood the meaning of (Epiginosco )!  Experimental knowledge based on true feelings of the heart!

What is said about love is true it not only makes the world go around but it the impossible to comprehend glue that bonds all creation together!

All that is tangible in an apparent single moment, seems cold and rigid and almost meaningless if it is not separated from the borderless power, warmth and knowledge of love !

History is the witness and spokesman for this fact!

The many islands of the past, some of whom are the very foundations of legends! They are spoken of and told about because while they live with the edicts and self-righteous laws of man, mankind presented no boundries for them !

They were feared by the selfish and the jealous! The same is true today and will be until there is a change !!!

I have heard more than your words "miss nobody "and you are not alone !

There are many islands that live with the groaning cry of all creation every moment of their lives!

Most people who care about others and treat them the way they would like to be treated,are often abused and taken advantage of! It is so easy to become bitter and /or hide in a shell! But the freedom and rewards of caring, afforded by the seemingly few successes in life, far out way the fatigue of disappointment !!!

Never give up !!!!

If you lose all hope you become just another sleep walker !!

Yours Truly .......... JTA 


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I think that you have some interesting thoughts here. With a little more shaping, it could be a very good piece. If I might make a suggestion, there are far too many exclamation points. One or two would suffice at your strongest points.

Joshua Hennen
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peace and love

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Your heart is exposed to miss nobodys prose. A small step for humanity, a large step for all of us who also care for each other too much. Thanks

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Thank You Im glad you took time to read it and enjoy it !

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