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It was a hot summer day; I had just gotten out of the sixth grade. The neighborhood kids agreed to play baseball; naturally it was girls against guys. When we arrived at the field it felt like one-hundred and ten degrees it was so incredibly hot! The guys decided to make it "fair" so the girls would go first. I was the captain and agreed. The guy's captain said I should go first since I was the smallest. When I stepped up to the plate, the captain called out to the out fielders to come in more. This irritated me a little, but I brushed it off. Then he said for me not to worry because he would go easy on me. The third basemen told me to keep my eye on the ball and I'll be just fine. This was quiet funny to me because what they didn't know was my favorite sport was baseball. What they didn't know was my dad played baseball and taught me how to play as soon as I could pick up a ball and bat. I got ready to hit the ball. The ball was thrown; strike one! The guys were laughing, laughing at me! I could feel my heart pounding, my blood rushing and my hand gripping the bat tight with anger. Suddenly, it wasn't funny anymore. I grew very serious. The second ball was thrown; foul ball! The smile on the guy's faces straightened, suddenly they were also serious. The third pitch was thrown; ball one! Then out of nowhere the third basemen began to laugh and shouted, she can't hit another one. She was just lucky! I was beyond angry now. The fourth pitch was thrown; ball two! The girls started shouting at the pitcher, calling him chicken. I could see the beads of sweat dripping off his face; he was nervous. They were all nervous, except the third baseman. The third baseman told me to give up, that I couldn't hit the next pitch if my life depended on it. Big mistake! The fifth pitch was thrown. I decided enough was enough, no more playing games. If he wanted a hit I would give him one. Sure enough he got it, right where it hurts the most! He went down in a second! It was a glorious moment, although not for him. After that game the guys decided that the girls were too rough to play with.

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