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The Last Letter of Dr. Tudor

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Amelia my darling Amelia what have I become for you?.

My dear Amelia my beautiful Amelia. Once when I was sane I was New Yorks most prominent young scientist until I met my darling Amelia. For her I moved to the Voodoo Bayou. Amelia claims to be 700 hundred years old but to every mortal she was my beautiful young wife. At first I was the local doctor of New Orleans but I quickly realized that she was using me for my patients blood. If you haven't figured it out, my lovely wife Lady Amelia D'Lafayette is a vampire.

I met Amelia in the summer of 1880, my good friend Dr. Anderson who was her former lover introduced us. Months later Amelia convinced me to leave New York and make New Orleans my new home. Amelia could not go out in the daylight and therefore forced me to become a nocturnal creature like her. The manor was always dark and cold and there was never a sound , never a ray of sunlight entered the manor. soon I became pale as a ghost. Amelia slept all day and stayed awake untill the sun came up, she enjoyed parties and finding new victims. My lovely Amelia was very luxurious and had lots of vanity, and if it was not for my fortune my lovely wife would have left me ages ago. For weeks I would roam the empty dark rooms of the manor, succumbing to madness. Once Amelia awoke from her slumber she would leave to feed on poor unfortune souls. She quickly grew tired of the hunt and asked that I do something for her, I would do anything for my beautiful wife as long as she was by my side. She asked that I attend parties and seduce women to the manor.

At first the women were shy and doubtfull, later they became flirtacious and would come to the manor thinking I would give them a kiss.Once they entered the manor I would lead them to where my darling Amelia would wait for her prey. I would leave to the farthest room of the manor to drive the screams out of my mind, but their pleas and screams of torment followed me soon the screams became ingraved in the walls. Every two months four girls would fall to my charm and be eaten by my Lovely Amelia. I explored every room in the diabolical manor searching for warmth, warmth of a woman. Every room I entered I found darkness and death the same features that my lovely wife Lady Amelia D' Lafayette possed. In my laboratory I would experiment on the corpses of the fallen women that my lovely Amelia feasted on. I wanted to create an Amelia that possessd a heart, a heart that could love.

When I reached my goal of my darling Amelia's recreation, the reacreation possessd a Frankenstein feature. My new bride was dead exactly like my wife Amelia D'Lafayette. I layed her in my chamber bed so that everynight I could admire her.

Once my fortune parished so did my sanity. Amelia soon informed me she was leaving me for a wealthy European . At the point of her departure I was too mad and cynical to care. Days later the silence drove me mad, I would hear the screams and the laugh of my Amelia D'Lafayette. My dear Amelia's recreatiom still was resting peacefully in my bed. Everynight I opened the curtains to let the moon and the stars see how beautiful she truly was. In my slumber the sun shone its rays on my lovely recreation. I never noticed how beautiful she was in the daylight, but then again I never saw her in the sunlight.

My dear Amelia would live for an eternety and soon forget me, I on the other hand would die. In this letter I leave my final words and my true intentions toward death. I Dr. Edmund Henry Tudor III who was born into wealth, will die like a dog. In my madness I was driven to play God and become the Devil , all for my beautiful Amelia who used me for her cruel game. I leave this earth hoping that I am forgiven for my monstrosities. If my lovely wife Lady Amelia D'Lafayette is ever to know of my misfortune and death I want her to know that I died happily and that her recreation was the only woman I truly ever loved. My beautiful recreation was there for me in the darkness and in the light.

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Elequent and powerful.

Eric Lawson
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