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Leslie Warren
I guess I have OCD. ***Note from Admin: The poem "I Am What I Am" was selected as runner-up in the Open Community Poetry Contest for the period Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 2010.***

I am a Double LifeCommunity Poetry06/02/14 11:09
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the Endless WalkCommunity Poetry02/07/13 9:03
FamilyCommunity Poetry02/07/13 8:47
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I keep my VowCommunity Poetry09/23/12 21:18
will title laterCommunity Poetry09/10/12 0:46
Stings like hot greaseCommunity Poetry06/20/11 10:21
your dark humourCommunity Poetry06/09/11 5:53
Open HorizonCommunity Poetry05/26/11 11:17
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I am a bladeCommunity Poetry05/16/11 9:56
Best friendCommunity Prose05/15/11 6:04
Not guiltyCommunity Poetry05/05/11 9:28
EmptyCommunity Poetry05/02/11 9:28
Planted with the rosesCommunity Poetry05/02/11 9:19
UntitledCommunity Poetry03/19/11 13:36
I cant remember your face.Community Poetry03/19/11 13:16
A human errorCommunity Poetry03/08/11 9:34
Old WineCommunity Poetry03/05/11 12:48
Rhyming poems about self-inflicted hate of waterCommunity Poetry02/24/11 11:21
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The communication errors and games.Community Poetry01/10/11 11:13
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Myself, Removed.Community Poetry01/06/11 12:23
I am an all AmericanCommunity Poetry11/19/10 14:16
In the wool I hideCommunity Poetry11/19/10 14:11
That Damned DogCommunity Poetry11/13/10 1:59
And pay he shall.Community Poetry11/10/10 11:13
Fast-Food WaitressCommunity Poetry11/10/10 10:54
InvadedCommunity Poetry10/31/10 10:32
The Club SceneCommunity Poetry10/22/10 10:36
contentmentCommunity Poetry10/17/10 9:57
I am what I amPublished & Contest Winning Poems10/02/10 7:46
deleteCommunity Poetry09/18/10 13:57
innocenceCommunity Poetry09/18/10 13:50
Killin timeCommunity Poetry09/18/10 13:29
I triedCommunity Poetry09/18/10 13:18
Memaw's poemCommunity Poetry09/18/10 13:11
Pepaw's poemCommunity Poetry09/18/10 13:01
Wings of steelCommunity Poetry09/18/10 12:42
Ode to the Wisdom of the WearyCommunity Poetry09/16/10 10:56
Love is to Hate, as Black is to WhiteCommunity Poetry09/16/10 10:52
SolitaryCommunity Poetry09/16/10 10:47
AwakenCommunity Poetry09/16/10 9:59
Hide and SeekCommunity Poetry09/16/10 9:56
INSANITYCommunity Poetry09/14/10 12:38
An Old SparkCommunity Poetry09/14/10 12:35
Regret the loss of such thingsCommunity Poetry09/14/10 12:31