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She has always been the centre of my misgivings
Night is day
And day is night
Never a day without a true-blue fight

When she summons
She will not be ignored
Worse off
If you ever do
She'll make you pay;
gentle you had better be
Or you will pay handsomely!

So like all loyal subjects
One will bow
No use trying to be obtuse
It's life's lot
If ever you should cry
She'll make sure you rather chose to die
For the hours are long
And she fights you on

Some say she's a raving beauty
Where she sits in the middle
Straight in duty
But when she calls for attention
You wish
Oh you will wish
Someone gives her detention!

For some time
I had saved on tissue
Pity is
It is now a non-issue
One learns never to long for celebration
Cus in no time
Does she come calling in total vengeance!

I need my sleep
I wish this princess will miss this trip
It seems to be an everlasting sneeze
Exhausted and much
Princess Nose
I beg thee
Stop this drip!