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When in Spring with leaves turned to green

Eyes, hands & face

There lived one man with a thirst

To live in the moment between space & time

Selling his pots and pans to get by

Although the years would pass he had every reason to grasp

The true message of his heart was found in a book


Inside was filled with a deep look on dreams

Dark conclaves of dungeons with kings & queens

Deep demonic screams

Cray's from out of the belly of Hell

What a strange way of a story to tell

Howls in the village square piercing shrieks

All found in this merchant's handbook


It will make you think perhaps take another look

One day the merchant was working

He lost his book when he wasn't looking

Inside he kept a hundred dollar bill for keep sake maybe for a cheap thrill

Now the book was gone and so went his mind

He once could see but now he's blind

The merchant was a very timid man very kind

But now the madness ensued he was in a heavy bind


A reward was posted at the local post office

Over the course of time he would find a knock on his front door

It was none other but a local minister

inviting the merchant to his home for dinner

The merchant agreed to go and at the end of their great feast

The minister confessed and admitted

For he was the one who had stolen his handbook

Was very tempted to draw insight for his sermons


For the merchants case instead of outrage he was left in a haze

When he came to his senses he forgave him

Taking the book back, to his surprise

there was thosand dollars inside

The seed he had planted a time ago grew

He didn't really know what to do

Had bitten far more then he could ever chew

Next thing you know the merchant made a personal donation

To take a break on a long awaited vacation

Then he wrote in his book to finish his story

His book finally of dreams was bound for glory