public swim

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originally published 2010


Public swim session at the community pool

Azure liquid thinned by pee and drool

Beckons a dinky passerby

Choked by grot collar

And ‘can I help you’ tie


Lopped supple flesh from curtain rail of bone

A gleam convulsion such must have been Rome

Yakking slaphappy with

Sebaceous lip resting

On artfully forged teeth


Languid the middle class "kapdia" beats

Thick redolence of sun screen and arm-pits

Poaches the moment into

Dauby mush to plaster

Over orthodox mildew


To crawl into barbed pith of stacked up hay

Down a flask and slumber through the day

Fortune upon a virid

Phosphorescent clod inhale

Fumes blooming over it


Bantling bewails chaste cruelty of art

Never a loving mother at best a torpor tart

Schematics of chance

Failed one’s better off

Planning in advance


Reposed in deckchairs suburbanites tranquil

Having discovered cure for Achilles’ heel

Sip common phantom

Of blissful surety excreting

‘We’re in this together’ foam

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