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Holding life
A slice of it
Never simple
Take and eat
Rich in goodness
Full of cheese
Creamed and buttered
Sides unseen

Leave it on the plate uneaten
Simple does it
All mistaken
Until darkness
All in hunger
It's begun

All too simple
Cries of hunger
Should I linger or to savour?
Pickles mask things
Sour and bitter
Tastes so sweet
To folks who love her;
Mustard adds to the fervour
I am not sure
If I love her
For my meals
Are just to keep me sober
And to think things over

Holding life
I still love her
Not sure if I want to start over
I love living
All too quickly
Should I forget
To bring my key
Lock me up
And call me an Uber
The ride of life
Should freshen me like