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I see massive figures from the corners of my eyes.
Blurry from the tears but I can see clear as day in this dark night.
Hold me close. No. Hold me close.
Don’t let me fall into this open ground.
Hold me down. Yes. Hold me down.
Chains on my soul keep me bound to this world. 
Chains on my soul keep me safe and sound.
Chains on my soul I’m starting to feel them now.
They become heavier from each pound-of my heart against my chest.
I can feel my heart against my chest-beating like summer rain.
Faster than the signals my brain sends to stop it.
I need to stop this. No. I need to break this.
Maybe I can use a saving. Maybe it’s not too late.
I made the choice to let go of my faith. I never gave myself time to say goodbye. There wasn’t enough time to apologize from my decision.
My decisions leave me full of regret. 
I'm full of “I’m sorries” . They continue to spill like a broken faucet, and I only have enough hope to believe that the water would be enough to flood this open ground.
These figures are as if each corner of this world is a mirror and I’m in the middle rocking myself back and forth.
My hand goes around my neck. Hold me close.
The chain goes onto each leg. Hold me down.
Chains are wrapped against my waist. Keep me safe and sound.
Chains on my soul I can feel them now.

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