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A feeling that seems so real
Heart flutters
Whispers of a sweet ordeal
Eyes, a glossy pair
String of flames
Around the two, eyes diverting
Every moment too intense
Body of souls touching
A song of sweet melody,
The smell of rosy incense
How can a love with such strong vibrations
fade so fast?
How can an emotion like trust
already be of the past?
No longer stars or hearts you see
Faking, staying to fulfill a charity
The betrayal, the deceit
The pain so unbearable
No words to speak
To be dismissed like waste
How suddenly nonchalant I was
Am I to blame?
Did I not clean, cook, or love enough?
Was it you I shamed?
I don’t know if you can come back from
Something like this
Maybe it wasn’t a soul binding love to begin with
True love I may not have known, yes
But what I did know was to its truest
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