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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

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Some folks like shiny stuff praising it with godly reverence
Holding vague worth superficial at best mocking their light
With obtuse exaltation capitulating to shallow dowry obverse
As such petty nothingness dessicates by time inviting plight.
Some wondrous deities of our liking misconstrue love at all;
Ruminating that a stud-looking hermit `ll bring jubilation
Enticed by the awed eye confounding the faculty joyful
In faux mirth besmirching their span in a pantomime illusion.
Shall the scorching red eye halt usurping from the east for their sakes
Shall the girdle belt saturate the sky at day for them to wake up
Shall insentient time loses it`s ravaging hand for sense to jut in their minds
For all this is a facade masquerading love with no vestige of truth.
All is not gold that glitters deceiving sense with hollowity
For true love is immaterial conquering all that stands in it`s way.

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