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A Message Of Hope For These Trying Times

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In the early Spring peeps begin to sing after the radio thaws

a message of hope to help you cope comes into view

vested as a treasure that's inside of me and you

love has a funny way of showing to where you are really going

used to be a head of the class as if a clown no one wanted me around

inside I live with shattered dreams filtered through such evil schemes

the impulse of letting go bust up the beat to ncrease its tempo

there is a song in my heart gives one an inner longing to impart

I see solace as inside my dream of another world planned

from a heavenly arm of its higher power vested for honor

alone I stare at the wall then at the back of my mind i hear my conscience call

there is such a place a world to unfold but its not here so I shed a single tear

to help numb the inner pain as i slowly go insane in this rap game

folding chairs out on the patio telling me where I need to go


A whole host of believers will soon discover its heavenly delights

walk on streets of gold see the tree of life no more pain nor strife

come with me to such a world among your Peyton place filled up with disgrace

sun lights all the day so we pray with words in tongues of fire sought out in its desire

those young & old will enter in a new place which to humbly begin again

away from the worry why are we in such a hurry to even change the story

living up in glory with Jesus, Mary & John together we can sing along

never will there ever be again sick or dying we can put a stop to all our trying in its manifestation of fullness...

Everyday is another chance to take part in the dance

Every time we pray an angels takes it in their wings into flight

Although very few will see this place to taste and dine with the master

together we will forever bask in the vast expanse between time and space

never darkness cause Christ will be our visible light along this pilgrimage plight

forget the night and the day is far too spent have we made a single dent


To tell the gospel story to untold millions who haven't heard

all is solely based upon God in his Holy word

tucked away inside our tender hearts to impart a right choice to rejoice

one step closer of seeing the one we had crucified up there with all our pride

although those many years have passed I have every bit of reason to ask

what is your condition of your heart to impart

how is your attitude are you fully in the right mood

peeps in the streets are running wild all to embrace the infant child

On Christmas time all the faces will shine filled up with hope and understanding

so why we even worrying or hurrying when the savior has the plan you understand

Fancy suits with big fat cigars need to be tossed aside as you sing those bars

Flirting with disaster never prepared to face the great here after

it all starts with a choice then a seed to unfold in time roots will grow

only one life is soon to be passed only what's done out of love will last

stand firm until the very end until you walk side by side with my friend (JESUS).


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