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When you speak His name
When you give Him praise
Do you think you will ever feel the same?
Because calling on Him is in no way a phase
He will comfort you
Never leave your side
When you’re feeling low and blue
Your prayers He will never deny
He is your first and last friend
The one you call on when no one else is there
The one who will be around in the end
Never denying you His love or care
The Lord is so special in a way
That when you call on His name He will not ignore
He will answer with many positive things to say
He will tell you of other entry ways to your inner doors
The joy that washes through your whole being
When doing God’s will freely
All the blessings and His gifts you will be receiving
You will never regret giving yourself completely
Let God know you worship his name
Through prayer and following the path He chose
You will make mistakes, do not blame
Just get back up - try, try again-your blessings you shall not lose
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