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sip on my forty one foot on the floor
one, two, three & to the flow
drop this dope joint right
from a young G's perspective
I done need got caped cause my beeper kept beeping
falling back on that ass
no one gets by one a free pass
got to get the people what they want
sure this is a dope joint let me get to the point
there's a weed that burns in Compton Height's
turn out the lights and get your party freak on
smoking fat blunts in the back of the yard
chilling with a spliff
homeboy got the grill cooking hot dogs and hamburgs
as if you haven't heard
turn off the lights and close the doors
playing spades with my forty on ice
this will make you think twice
another chance at which to roll the dice
yesterday was such a simple games we used to play
awe but then let's face it its a little bit easier today
got the bounce to the ounce in the tower of power
homeboy so drunk he needs to takes a shower
why should we worry when the world is in such a hurry
can't even think to dismiss this earthly bliss when there's a dozen of pots in my sink
smoke the chronic then sip on your favorite tonic
don't have to be perfect cause nobody is
it will take you higher then ever before
lest of course I implore another opened door
got whacked in my knees some folks will disagree
getting this rap game tight as busy as a bee