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What causes this pain so deep in my


Did it start when I was young? Will it stay

with me until I’m old?


What caused my soul to become so dark

at an early age?

What happened to me that I have so much

anger and rage?


What caused my rebellious behavior?

At the time was darkness more my



Did I rebel because it was easier to do than

have faith?

Did I choose darkness over light because it

Was easier to have my memories



What causes me to be unhappy and


Is in an emotion I learned watching my

mother and sister?


What causes me to feel so ungrateful?

Why is my attitude portrayed as



Is it in the frown I always wear on my


Is it because my aura shows disgrace?


Is it possible for someone like me to


To finally be happy?

To stop being hateful?

To appreciate life and be grateful?


One day at a time I will work these questions

out, waiting patiently is the key

I know letting go and letting God in is the only

answer I need

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