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  My best friend and I haven't had a good laugh in weeks.
We've had forceful conversations.. and we've made half the effort for setting our dinner reservations.. but besides that I'd like to lie and say that ''We're great, we're fine!'' nothings come between us but time and....high-school.
And in high-school there suddenly isn't anymore room for a quick hello or a nod, not even a glance and I just haven't had the chance to stop her and have her explain the excuses shes made. But then again maybe she feels the same with the white lies I've told and the ones I'm telling because she doesn't know...
Maybe if I was honest in the beginning then I wouldn't be so worried because trust is the foundation of a long lasting relationship. I don't want to give up our friendship like how she does and that means losing me. I don't mean to sound greedy and stubborn like it's one way or the other I don't want her to pick a side.
My mind is just pulling out the early feelings of us drifting, like the waves we're separating.
And she knows that I know that she doesn't deserve to be caught in the eye of the hurricane just because I don't want to be left alone with the pain.
And I know that she knows that I'm going to have to lift up the anchor so that we can sail again.

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