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I dream of children dancing in
the meadows where the light hits
Just right to show overcasting shadows
I dream of a big ball of fire that heats us
in the day
The heat so potent we find ourselves in search
of shades of grey
I dream of crispy nights
when the darkness wraps around us with a hint
of moonlight
I dream of me and you holding each other in front
of a red flame
Our bodies inseparable, our unity
I dream of……
I dream of nature’s harmony and love
I dream of blue jays and creamy white doves
I dream of different colored Autumn leaves
I dream of cracked bark growing up and down
I dream of silky, black nights
I dream of sunny morning light
I dream of destined soul mates united
I dream of lovers with consuming passion, fire
I dream of total bliss
where dreams come true, from one single wish
I dream of…….

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