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Betsy, my confidant and friend
She went through an experience
That will change her life forever in the
Nervous and scared that they will
see right through me
That they’ll see this is not what I want
to be doing
Will they still be my friend if I say no?
Will they call me a loser if I am too scared
To go?
I know the difference between wrong
And right
But if l want to be poplar I should say, “yes” to
This party tonight
I need to be liked by any means possible
I promise myself I’ll be responsible
I’m at the party shaking with fear
‘toughen up’ I say to myself, you can’t let these
People see you shed a tear
Everyone seems to be having a great time
Laughing and joking
Drinking and smoking
Someone passes me a drink
And I’m hesitant
What if they find out I’m just a small town
Can I really decline?
Can I walk away from this party without
Having one glass of wine?
They’ll know I’ve never had a drink
I’ll be called a prude maybe more
If I’m not cool then who will I be?
If I have no friends then who will love me
For me?
Unsure of myself but knowing what I need to
I down the first then the second wine cooler
The third and fourth were easier
Already feeling incredible and invincible
I think ‘responsible’ is no longer here
Left and right the drinks keep comings
My perception is off and my eyesight blurry
I’m thinking maybe I should go outside and
Get some air
A hand touches mine, escorting me
I look up and that is not taking me there
Outside is not this way
Anxious and confused, I try to pull
Sill leading me by the hands
I can’t see who it is
My eyes are heavy and I can barely
I’m floating now
Am I at home in my bed?
I hear voices then a clicking sound
I feel a breeze all over my body
What’s happening?
I’m trying to think the inevitable
I thrash around and scream No, No,
No, repeatedly
The pain and pressure stop for no more
Than a couple of seconds then starts up
This feeling of disgust and agony went on
What seemed like days
Lord, please stop the pain
Suddenly nothing- no pain, no pressure
I can breathe once more
My body aching, and bruised from all the
Penetrating force
I drift into a dream hoping to have a better
One than the last
I dream of home and the sweetness I once
Had, wishing I could go back in the past
Little did Betsy know when she woke her
Whole world will spin out of control
She will find she no longer has a piece of
Her soul
Betsy will always remember the darkness of
Those voices
Shed did not deserve to be violated no matter her
I did survive, making me a stronger in a way
I have forgiven the three men that violated me
Which makes my soul and heart free to move forward

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