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Cat Year

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As I lounged about on the kitchen floor
I heard the opening of a door
And saw my human coming through
My human, and his wife too
They smiled and laughed as they normally do
I yawned and stretched as it was nothing new
It was no concern of mine
Days went by and I snored and sniffed
And one quiet day I wondered if
My bowl had been refilled
In the room that kept my food
Stood two humans in the nude
My human, but not his wife
I ate my food and soon left
And started sleeping on the steps
It was no concern of mine
Weeks went by and as I slept
The wife sat there and wept and wept
But it was no concern of mine
The wife stood up and tied her shoe
And though I wondered what she would do
I continued my slumber through and through
A black case from the closet, the wife pulled
Which at first I thought was some tools
But in fact was a rifle, ammo full
She took it out to her car
Muttering about some bar
But it was no concern of mine
In a couple hours, back she came
And covered in blood and shame
She picked me up and said to me:
“You’re the only one who cares about me.”
But it was no concern of mine.

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Love the rhyming and very well written. Keep up the good work.

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