Billy the Bully

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This is the story of Billy the Bully
He wore a wall of tough and a
Mask of surly
Billy would knock around his peers,
Call them names
He Learned early on this lessened
His pain
He would lie and cheat just for attention
The beatings he received by his father,
The neglect he endured was his only
Billy strolled around lonely with no one
To talk to
So sad to feel there’s not a single soul to
Love you
People only saw what they wanted to see
They didn’t know nightly Billy got on his knees
Praying, asking for forgiveness, asking for
He felt only in death would he have peace
Already with a plan in place
No longer would he abuse or be abused for his
Existence would be erased
Billy was gone
He finally found peace
Would people show empathy or have sympathy
Now that he’s deceased?
Billy the bully was no bully at all
Just a poor soul who took too many
All he had to do is let God in
But Billy made a choice not to get up
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