No Doubt

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So many thoughts
So many fears
It's like a leach is sucking
on my faith, bringing me to
my knees, spewing a river of
Doubts I crave to speak out
and say
Unanswered questions
My hopes and dreams seem miles
and miles away
I need to know if this feeling
of embrace is coming from
Deep in my soul I dread it's
the red eyed beast in disguise
slowly reeling me back
The reality of it has me trembling
with undeniable despair
My uneasiness peaks out of
control leaving me with endless
agony beyond repair
I'm scared that God has not forgiven
me for all my sins
That he took one look at me and said
"You’re not worthy of redemption"
Shaken with so much fear
Until an angel sat down beside me
and whispered in my ear,
"child, that was not God that spoke to you.
For you are his creation and he will always
embrace you"
These feelings of doubt and lack of
I now know are nothing more than tricks
of he who dwells below
Never again will I doubt His
Not even the red eyed beast can
steer me away from walking blindly
in faith

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