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Right now my world is hectic. High school isn't how I've expected.
I've abandoned friends tossing them without any explanations.
I've ended two year relationships and I haven't tried on making any acquaintances.
I've studied and studied yet failed countless times.

I don't think that I'll ever get it right because I'm putting in the time there just isn't enough time!Dreaming without the paralysis I wont be enough to catch up to the expectations of being a young adult.

Yet I'll fix myself and mold my bones into the most perfect illusion.
Really I'll try not to break down or fill my head with doubt as I'm being eaten alive by maggots and roaches.
I only wish to open up like the golden sky and have the broken pieces of me fall like the summer rain.I want to feel the pouring drops bead lightly against my skin.
Drip, drip, dripping I'm cleansed and pure let me be whole again.
Let me be safe and far from the expectations!

No! I'm not limiting myself by getting above average, earning second place or receiving satisfactory. I want to be forever young.
I don't ever want to say goodbye to my fictitious galaxy and forget my childish dreams.
I don't fear of not being enough...I'm just not ready to grow up and be that young adult that even I wish to see.

Summer rain let your pouring drops bead lightly against my skin.
Wash over this sin.
Drip, drip dripping I'm cleansed and pure let me be whole again.

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