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The Looking Glass

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As a young lad you would find me facing the sky
Watching the clouds and the birds that flew by
I should had been chasing a good looking lass
But I blew all my money on a new looking glass
It came in a box, a box made of pine, marked first class, with a date and a time 
I had it at last,  the birds I might find
So I gathered my things and wrapped them in twine
I raced against time for red mountain pass
Set up my tripod and nelt to my knees
I took off the lens cap and couldn't believe what I seen
Right on a perch extending from the hollow
Letting out chirps was a sparrow singing next to a swallow
Then came the knocking of the notorious tree wrecker
Out came a walking a red an gray speckled woodpecker
I pushed onto the mountains and set on the cliffs
The eagles were soaring riding  air lifts
As the sky began to darken I set there and hearken
The loons started barking and the stars began to show
I zoomed in on Orion and Leo the Lion, Cassiopeia and the Dragon Draco
I stared at the moon with the tune of the loon
I set in the gloom with my new looking glass
            Carey Yoquelet
            August 5 2017

Comments (2)

  1. steffenmary574@yahoo.com

Love the rhyming and this poem reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Good imagery !
Keep up the good work.

  1. Carey    steffenmary574@yahoo.com

Thank you kindly

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