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How do you define an addict?

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How do you define an addict?
Is it by the way they look just by sight?
Or does it differentiate between minority and white?
Is it by what comes from their mouth when they talk?
Or is it by the way they carry themselves and the stride
In their walk?
Does addiction really have a preference?
Could you come from a life of happiness and full of zen?
Or do you have to come from a home of horror and live
A life of sin?
Could you come from a family just of good?
Or do you have to be born and raised in the hood?
Judgement of an addict? Is it okay to judge?
Can it be a stranger who’s never done a drug in their
Life before?
Should it be a stranger who’s been strung out most their lives
And more?
Can it be a family member who doesn’t have an addiction bone
In their body?
Should it be a family priest or so called counselor, who in between
Appointments, sips Bacardi
What makes an addict an addict?
What makes someone so hungry for it, a junkie fanatic
You ask yourself “why was this path chosen for me.
Why did HE pick me to become the addiction junkie”?
You should not stress yourself with this question
Take the life that was handed to you and make going
Forward your obsession

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