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Synonym for sadness

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These are a few of the words I use to describe myself. 
Synonyms to the name of mine. 
The thoughts, that is. 
They are quite the race,
Picking up their pace. 
Back and forth,
Side to side. 
Explore the vast space of my mind. 
The pitter patter of the tiny footsteps,
Thoughts echoing throughout the halls of my cranial cavity. 
Louder they go, 
Fewer they flee. 
Mightier and mightier they roar. 
Flying through my brain,
Soaring faster than life. 
It's a wild life,
They spit and spew. 
Step on my toes,
It only tickles my bones. 
The satisfying pain,
Trickles up my spine. 
Tell me those lines,
They're sweeter than wine. 
Lies upon lies,
Do you mind if I cry? 

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