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Sound of My Breaking Heart

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It's enough tonight 
Pretense isn't helping me
I must let you know 
The echo you're hearing from afar 
Isn't sound of rumbling ocean
Isn't sound of falling rain 
It's sound of my breaking heart 
We wake up every day 
With the news contrary to we've been promised
Holy Books tell us
How God skillfully crafted the Earth 
We're being told how good it was in many centuries ago 
Who took away the world's peace
Who taught us how to lie and defend it
Who taught us that it not possible to survive without war
Before the break of each dawn 
The sun peeps through the keyhole of the clouds 
He doesn't trust humankind anymore 
Maybe wings of our War Jet had once slapped him while he was giving us light 
Sound of my breaking heart 
Is what you hear giggling
Though my face smiles in pretense 
Can't you see my young skin sagging 
Each government's promise is irony
Father and son are becoming true enemies 
Daughter hates her mother and shows it
Boss and worker are like police and thief 
Under whose spell is the world
Or what cause the inhumane 
Religion leaders preach love
Politicians promise peace 
Yet, no peace or love anywhere
Even though we're dying inside 
We still walk miles to holy house to pray that the world may change for better 
Each empty promise 
Breaks my heart 
Can't you hear its breaking sound?
Wickedness and anger 
Are proudly roaming our hearts
Children want to grow and ride big cars
Juveniles are getting fill up 
While schools are almost empty 
If this is the future we once dreamed about 
Please, may we go back to those past centuries 
Some of the few people who really wanted to help 
Got shot at central station 
So all caring mothers
Are warning their children 
They are teaching them that silence is golden 
Like thunder crashing in the sky
So are the patriots' hearts 
The sound of my breaking heart 
Is like falling stage under artist's  feet
There's no hope for better tomorrow
No one knows how evil has managed to excel

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