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My lifeless body roams the way a ghost does its' ancient mansion walls
 Invisible, I stumble through the world with a mask praying it doesn't fall 
 You destroyed me.
 Murdered my soul and shattered my spirit
 I am smashed stained glass -
 I am out together but in fractured pieces 
 I am transparent
Those years were explicit, leaving no doubt about the events that continuously took place.
What you did was as clear as a smudge on new white shoes.
 I scrub my skin until specs of blood appear, burning red like the pits of hell as if it's going to erase the memory of your fingertips caressing my soft, and gentle skin.
Your hands upon my skin sent chills down every inch of my body-
The blood within my statued body froze solid yet rushed like the flow of lava at the same time.
My body is no longer mine, it's yours...
Stripped of my innocence, I feel as dirty as the gum you find on the bottom of a shoe, water in the sewer, and the trash at the dumpster.
There is a black hole within me the size of the galaxy and as deep and dark as the ocean depths in which sun rays cannot reach. 
This hole is beyond the limits we have yet to discover.
 Is it my fault? 
No, it is not! 
My pajamas aren't an invite for your coarse hands to jump onto my skin
You slaughtered my body and my limbs went out.
Numb, lifeless, frozen, hopeless, and helpless...
My limbs were a pebble on the road getting ran over again and again 
No must've been foreign to your vocabulary
I hate myself. 
My confidence is invisible to my mind like air is to our eyes. 
It's there but I cannot grasp it.
 The warmth of your breath near my ear
 The sounds of your lips separating and gathering back together down my neck
 Your tight grip around my wrists 
Your coarse touch...
It's forever printed in my memory. 
It is said that approximately every seven to ten years our body becomes "new"; it replenishes itself meaning new cells, new cells you have never ever touched. 
But memory? 
Memory is forever.

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The metaphors and similes just keep rolling like tidal waves beating the shore! Very good indeed. Thank you!

Joshua Hennen
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