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The rain begins to fall.
Slowly my thoughts fade. 

And then I'm startled by the storm, my conscience begins to rage.

Help me I've done wrong...and an apology is not enough; to right this unforgiven; that my lovless heart has sought. 

I thought to little, as my actions spoke out loud. And now I'm realing from the hurt that this tragedy has caused. 

A lonely heart grows older, colder by the day... what am I to do, but seek forgiveness without delay. 

I'm un-comforted by the lack of words there is not to say. So, no, no, no, no, no, as my apology runs away... 

I see it in the distance; a ray of hope in sight.to far to grasp; to close to forget... That the ones you love, would love you; if you could just love and live in regret.

Minutes turn to days, and as these hours pass...
Responsibilities evaid me in, every aspect. 
Treacherous are those steps of mine, and empty are my words... 
So, that when I stop, to shed a tear... only dryness, nothing in return.. but still could you hold me... hold me so very close and near, with nothing more to grab ahold,... And drain me of all my fear?

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I like this work of yours... it is like a plaintive cry.

Joshua Hennen
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Thanks, I like this place we have here, at hennensobserver. So much to see and feel.

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Thank you for being a part! You are what makes it special.

Joshua Hennen
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