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Outta Sight Outta Mind

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Father, I understand life didn't stop with the birth of me..
And I get it when you say work keeps you busy, too busy to see..
The emptiness you've created inside your daughter who could've used you..
To be the positive parent in her life she unfortunately never knew..
How unworthy she felt especially when your raising six other kids......
Never gave you crap always tried to be considerate and kind..
The whole while MY life was outta sight 
outta mind..
Forget that I had your first born grand baby
born of your blood..
Not one word from ANY of you was given to 
show my family alittle love..
Just remember I AM first born from you
no extra family can change that..
Call me petty, call me whatever you want
that will always remain a FACT..
Took the backseat to everything you had 
going on at the time..
The whole while I'm push to the side outta
sight outta mind..
Your neglect made me promise to never leave
my boys feeling unwanted by me..
No matter the difficulty or distance that was presented, this will never be..
Never will they hear I'm too busy to raise
or see..
My daughter I left behind a mirror reflection 
of me..
He never thought I'd suffer a life you only
read about in a book..
Wasn't there while every ounce of her innocence 
inside was took..
That there would be several men she would be made to call daddy, seven to be exact..
I know this is sad but it's REAL and it's exactly 
where we're at..
Oh, for the ones personally offended by
my words today..
I'm at the I don't give a good damn point bout 
what you have to say..
Just be happy I've being pleasant this time..
Cause your lucky to NEVER know being outta sight outta mind..
So, when it comes time for you to go before GOD and he ask " We're you kind and true"?
You might have to explain..How you forget to father your first born HE gifted YOU!!!!
Lilieni Faasavalu ❤️

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Your raw emotion stuck into me, very good.

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