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Wailing World

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In the genesis of man,
Love was free and real.
God wouldn't think twice before bestowing blessings on us
But since we've betrayed Him,
He, seemingly, hasn't been trusting us
His deeds are obvious yet unknown to us
Because His anger has made us silly and stupid:
We're unwise, because He has taken his wisdom away from us
May God find the courage to bless us
May He find the faith needed to come to us in this faraway land
May God find courage to trust and to love humankind again 
I know they aren't easy to find 
But I have been told much about Him
May all strengths be attained 
May all sympathy be found 
May He take delight in loving 
May the sky descend
So He can walk the earth barefooted 
May He take delight in watering His garden in which we're all planted
Many centuries ago, 
People used to fight with only mouths
While working with their hands and legs 
This is a century when people fight with hands and legs 
While working with only mouths 
May God find the courage that makes us worthy in us
May He find the faith needed to come to us in us
May He see our courage instead of our weakness
May He find our love in His heart 
I know they're weak and fade so they might not be easy to find
But I've been told much about His willingness to love
May He come mightily 
May He feel sorry for our pains and sorrows 
May He forgive all our sins
May loving us please Him
May He come and have a tender walk through the world 
May He shower His blessing on all our good efforts 
May the spirits of those blessed ancestors rejoice with us
And feel proud of us in our glory
May next generation's  glory surpass ours
May all dying trees bloom again 
May battle field turn to playground 
May all heartless people feel sorry for their sins
May God find the courage
To rebuild the world 
May our ancestors who lived in peace wish to come back and live

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