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A Moonlight Tale

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Many days had flown away
Just as every day comes and goes
So came another cloudy bright day.
Though not a joyous morning 
I kept my faith
I kept my feet on the ground
I believed I can't fall
I held on to my belief.
It was windy, it was raining
I couldn't see my next mile — where I was going
Though yesters weren't friendly
I still believed in morrows
I got hope that I can cope
I got faith that I can't faint
I got life to live
Dream to dig and draw
Who knows when it would be
Who knows whom destiny would call
Who knows what might happen 
Before arrival of the night 
Under the rain, many children played
Under the sun, Adults walked and worked
Under the moon at night, Children and adults met
Sitting and sharing some tales
Which destiny had told them,
Before the arrival of the moon
Adults smile whenever they remember grave,
Their saviour from their pains and sorrows,
Kids cry as they're growing old
They read how future is going to be
From the faces of the dyings —the adults
What is destiny
What is  fate
What is hope
In this world of unpromised tomorrow
"When are our dreams going to come true"
"In this world of no morning?"
Children asked adults
"We don't know why we never noticed"
"How our inner bones are cracking"
"How our blood's color is fading"
"Our dreams are always of morrow"
"We must wait until that morrow comes"
"But today, we must fight war"
"War, war, and war, to survive if we really need those morrows,"
Adults responded to children's innocent question.
"We know a place of no sorrow"
"A place of no pain, or cheating"
"And there we want to go"
"That is grave,"
The adults added to their response
"Take us there!"
"We don't want here anymore"
"We want to know peace"
"We want to be loved"
"We want any place of no war or disaster," the kids cried as if they don't know what grave means. 
Adults eyes were cloudy
At hearing the young ones
Whose souls were seeing running to grave ahead of adults'
They had tired of being here
Where no one cares for them
"Take us to where we can be found by love"
"Where our existence will be cherished"
"We want here no more,"
Their voices rhymed
Their readiness was seeing
Their hope was there
Not here again
The moon, at hearing this, closed her eyes
And buried her head in shame
But nothing could be done.

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