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The Well

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In the well it's so dark. It's gloomy and deep.
And it smells of failure. You get stuck and you weep.
The further you fall, the more pain you feel.
The well's your depression. It hurts and it's real.
Once you hit the bottom you can't see the light, 
Cause you're broken inside and you've lost all your fight.
Some choose to stay down and make sadness their home,
to wallow in pity, and just be alone.
Others try to get out, but continue to fail.
They become content that their destiny's hell.
Others in the well, they continue to climb.
Even if they fall, still harder they try.
They do not give up and refuse to back down,
even as the well tries to pull them to the ground.
They just keep climbing up and keep holding on,
fight through the darkness and learn to be strong.
Once at the top, their heart's beating fast,
for all their hard work has paid off at last.
After such a long time, their pain's gone away.
There's joy in their heart and a smile on their face.
Oh, one has such a testimony to tell,
when they do escape from depression's deep well.

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