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What Makes A Day

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I have a question, some food for the brain.
Can you truly tell me what makes a day, day?
Is it the rise of the sun or the shine of the moon?
Is it the sound of a morning bird's angelic tune?

But what if you can't see the light from outside,
and your stuck within walls, and you don't know the time?

Is a day truly determined by sleep
or when you wake up or the people you see?

Could it be defined by the smile on a face
or some words that were shared that just can't be erased?

Is it coming to work or going back home,
sleeping with a loved one so you aren't alone?
is a day only a day because of long hours
or is it something much stronger from a higher power?

Tell me what makes a day a day for you.
For it could be the same thing that makes my day too.

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This is excellent.

Joshua Hennen
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Thank you so much!!

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