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Why do we have this emotion called pain?
It weakens our body and drives us insane.
And just when the enemy makes us feel numb,
it engages again and makes us come undone.
The existence of such a sensation inside,
makes us surrender, we flee and then hide.
When pain is winning, we quiver and crawl.
We get lost in confusion and being to fall.

But from one's perspective, pain could be a good thing.
Instead of destruction, it's strength that it brings.
The wounds it may leave, inspire us to grow.
So we strive to move on, yes, farther we'll go.
The pain makes one seek a less traveled path.
It makes a fighter stand tall in face of all wrath.

So is there salvation from darkness of pain?
A sweetened deliverance for us to gain.
Is pain a companion or foe, can you choose?
The answer is inside your hear, within you.

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Thank you for your poem. I wonder what this piece would be like if it didn't rhyme? I feel like it could be more powerful, you could get right to the heart of the matter. But as it is, it still says a lot. Thank you.

Joshua Hennen
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Most of my poetry rhymes, whether is be a,a,b,b or a,b,a,b. I am learning to write differently though . My writing is the one place I can get lost. Any and all criticism is GREATLY appreciated

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