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My Red Boots

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I'm gentle, kind and wise
I love people who don't ask why
I love people who don't question my authority 
I'm humble, intelligent and skilful 
It wasn't easy to make it into throne of power 
Throne of power is always afar
Getting into it is always a long journey 
A long way to take with many obstacles to overcome 
My red boots were once black
But even people before me couldn't make the journey freely 
They faced opponents who wanted the throne too
So what did they do to make the throne theirs 
My red boots were once black 
I'm humble so don't think I killed my opponents
They only died under my black boots
I'm wise, so wise
So don't think I should have spear my foes 
I'm gentle but don't doves eat 
I'm skilful; but at what did you think
I'm intelligent; this is why you shouldn't ask me why
I've known how to make my way
Even before I got into power 
So now that power is mine:
That no one can question me
What would you do If I tell you that my red boots 
Were once black 
But they were painted red 
By the blood of my enemies 
When I was struggling for power 
There was no free road so I crushed my enemies 
For the throne is set high
To get there, ladder was Certainly needed 
If I had stepped on my children 
Then who shall be my successors 
Am I not working to satisfy and impress 
My lovely wives and my adorable concubines 
There was no ladder anywhere if not the ribs of those I hate
Don't forget that I love people who don't ask why
Don't forget that I shall favour People
Who don't question my authority
If it's true that sinners shall perished, 
Have I not confessed enough 
I crushed only few people with my boots 
On my way into the throne 
Now,  power is my servant so what if I said 
Victims were killed by power 
Can't you see, my hands are clean 
Don't forget that I love people who don't ask why 
Power is my dog
So as long as I'm here, 
You must remain wherever you are 
If you want to know why I'm fat
It's because power works for me 
Somebody once said 
"Death is a necessary end"
So if eventually this happens to be truth 
Don't bury me with my red boots
I'd prefer a white coat and shiny white boots 
Or wouldn't it better for you to have me as your delegate
Amid angels up above

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