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Gods Hand

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Laying in the sand looking up at the clouds
Knowing id get there but never knowing how
How could I get up there and float with the clouds
Be with the wind and the thunder wen they laugh so loud
The seagulls float gently across the sky
Shreiking and screaming as if telling lies
I wave my arms and make an angel in the sand
It will be gone in awhile erased by Gods Hand

Life useto be a place that was gentle and kind
Now its a place where were all just a little bit blind
The path youve trod since on this earth
Has been traced by god since your very birth
When a small boy I never understood
How life could change us as it should
Molding us into an image of himself
Each one to his own he did it so well

I lay in the sand I look up at the sky
The seagulls screaming as if telling lies
I know in my heart life is gentle and kind
A place where id stay for all time.

Written by terrance Martin 1996

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