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My Little Child

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My little child, 
I've been here before you 
But now, you're with me
The curtain is drawn and the stage of life is set
Play your role in the limited time you have 
My little child,
Welcome to the wonderfully crazy world 
Where poor ones have to walk miles to get what to eat 
But rich ones have to walk miles to digest what they have eaten 
You're amid the crowd but sorry, you have to face the world alone 
Listen, here, we are all dancers but we don't dictate for life
The kind of song we would like to hear
We dance to any song it sings for us
However, choosing whether to live or leave is our right 
Some left maybe because they didn't like the rhythm, 
Or maybe they were scared off by the faces of their audience. 
Some left because their time was up
Whether we make it or not,
Once our time is up, we must leave 
Though leaving the stage is easy, sometimes it's hard
If we're good performers the audience may want us to stay forever 
But if we are not, they may stone us or drive us off the stage
Be courageous to face life alone 
Because sometimes, you'd be happy, sometimes you'd be sad 
Get use to them because they are just the ups and downs of life 
Sometimes you'd be healthy, sometimes you'd be sick
Sometimes you''d have more than enough, sometimes, you'd lack
But at the end, the light would fade so you'd get off the stage
It would remain only your image and memory in the hearts of your audience 
They wouldn't know you've forgotten them
They'd remember you and cry or smile 
Don't count on anyone 
For no one can play your role for you 
As you're gaining your ground, your parents are losing theirs
So brace yourself for ladder of help may fall
If you're hit or cheated, don't cry
Just fake some laugh and go on
If you're knocked down by challenges of life, get up and retry
You're the best of you're version: no one can take your place
Welcome my little child,
To the stage called life
Before you leave the stage,
Play your role well

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Hi I Melusi,reading this poem I couldn't help but think of Shakespeare poem 'life is a stage' that sad it is still a good poem that may be enjoyed by a younger audience.

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Thank you so much for your comment. But is there any correction you would like to make on it, please?

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