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Colors In Bloom

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Soft linen on a bed with a scattered bit of lace
Outside the window sings a hummingbird in full view
Colors in bloom
The way she combed her hair & delicate skin

Now where do I even begin
A sacred place next to an opened door
A given chance at which to explore
Through oval stone on its basement board

A clearing of grass through the sun lit mast
We then hold hands in which to embrace a bond of simple taste
Every path that one takes simply can't be retraced
Although many would like to go back in time

To wander again in a given chance at which to pretend
Still what does that matter now we should never look back at the plough
It's not in the know rather its simply in the know how
Colors in bloom filtered through the room

A radiance of light that seems way out of sight
You meet me half way to kiss so very sweet
A given chance at which to kindly meet & greet
With vast colors in bloom on a brightened Sunday morn

No corner stone unmoved through the tide that was turned
Hurry up and learn so that what is left will not be burned
Through a symbolic decorated vase we can capture a smile from a very lonesome maid,

The debt that your suffering inside has already been paid
Colors in bloom rough the fall scene in decorated light for all to see !

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Hi I Melusi,I love this poem immensely and the rich use of language i enjoyed a lot,also I love the message portraye by the last two lines of the poem,simply great!

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