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Ode to the lighthouse

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I came to you with my wings ripped against my will like a wingless bird locked in a golden cage,
I long to fly free above the skies, 
beyond the stars and moon, 
but i came to you to mend my wound,
For the pain of worldly deception and contempt had left me bleeding,
that i cry every night, silently, 
weeping deep inside, loudly,
Night and day, i saw the giant ships sailed across your limitless borders,
Swimming against your tide tirelessly,
marking it's glory,  
whilst i, kept hidden behind my golden bars, empty.
Stifled by the stench of rogue weeds from the sea, drifted ashore mocked my senses, 
As if telling me i am but grains of sand, helplessly clinging on the dampness of salty water,
Meekly wishing that the yellow wind from the sea wont blow me apart into worthless dusts.
But you hear me,  see me, held me and kept me alive,
You see me for all that i am inside, 
You let me shout my silent cry,
my bleeding wound you lick it dry, 
Through black clouds and storm, 
you shake the earth and bound my sorrow with wind so harsh and cold,
That clot my weak warm blood, 
Into frost, 
And numb, my toes till it stiffened dark as coal, 
With no mercy, your cold winter wind cut deep through my skin,
reminding me of what i once was and what i am within, 
Reminding me that i am a strong cold rock who possesses in me the strength to sculpt boulders into bones,
You whispered in my ears through the sound of your rugged waves, 
That gushed through my soul and cleanse my heart and core, and you fix me and built me again, 
The four seasons passed, 
as cherries wilt and bloom, 
Thus, awaken the sleeping crone, 
My ail illusion of the limitations, 
that my ragged wings could do so little,
Now coyly flutter it's feathers claiming strength,
As You held my hands and pull me so close to you, and kissed me,
It is in this moment i felt your pulse, your light, 
Like a house of light you stir the fire within me, and showed me, 
When ocean stood still,
The face before me i can now see, 
I sigh, with a smile, 
and if now i cry is because i must say goodbye, my wings spread apart ready to fly,
For the once torn wings,
Now emblazoned an amber of fire Underneath,
Though with a glimmer of fear I carry myself,
my feet is anchored by this mighty heart, 
i shall bravely take my flight,
The tears i now leave is not forever goodbye, 
Because my heart is yours, 
no matter the distance apart,
Goodbye Ulsan, 
my lighthouse, my friend, i will
Miss you so dearly,
May your light crosses path against those hidden in the shadows, caged in gold and silver thrones, 
Thank you for the light that open my caged heart, and returned my soul, back to me.

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