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Contradiction of Creation


By the Elevation of Conception



Twilight is gleaming


Gleaming becomes our dying


Darkness begins its dining


With no regard only despite


Begin the suns deflowering


Blood is eaten up by night


Devouring the last dish of light



On solitude worn down knees


In mass of a mad monks plead


Robes no longer torn nor tattered


Miracles neglecting what matters


Beautiful monks in beautiful hair


Mirage of gods’ in sheer delight


Thoughts dwell of righteous night


Ah! But in the finale of the truth


Night fall will cut us lose


Into an immortal death!



As gods were all off saving sinners


                           An innocent saintly son beginner


Hung in body on warm cross skin


Now we all live in sudo sin


Will sanity ever find us again?



Madness in a magic book


Line sinker and holy hook


Science sailing away to space


Accepting truth becomes disgrace


Can facts ever replace our faith?



Or will the heart become to charred


Stuck in the mud of another’s tar


Bathed in the lies of a shrouded face


In an outline lightly erased


Fantasies of eternity as religion retracts


We won’t hear of such silly facts


We’ll never live long enough to remember


God live and dies with man’s December


And I fear man shall know to late


“Conception is the natural faith”



Fear rises up from sin


In magic books live these friends


Reality has come and gone


To many religions


Gone to wrong


The truth is in the trash


Church receipts get stashed


Non-believers bashed


While human passion becomes a poison


Can love overcome Sodom and its Boredom


Whilst proverbs fall from heavenly skies


Raptured raindrops of purer lies


Pray nothing else falls from above


Except for maybe human love



It’s hard, so very hard to say


It means we own our own first day


We were always more than clay


Shaped in tides of earthly chaste


 Truth began in our inner race


A singularly caught fire in space


Alone our light surrounded black


Odds against us heavenly stacked


But we rose within ourselves


Handmade gods on the melt


Until the end we’ll be alone


A single gem amongst the stones



In the truest breath of light


Inner self knows inner right


But afraid of the lasting night


We chose the imitation light


On a bright and sunshine day


In this life so full of plays


One day grant us strength


To finally fight and say


Speak the truth and let’s not pray



Within our inner star of passion


We can build our own true mansions


And when the days begin to fade


Back into unfired clay


Though truth can be so very scary


A life without a Mother Mary


But we’ll know who we were


In this human fast pace blur


We’ll taste the lies


As religions dies


And be proud of who we were


The human melt


From the Milky way belt



Within the Elevation of Conception


Lives this Contradiction of Creation


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