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Diamonds and Blood

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So the night rolls over us, so dark, so cold


Without a heart, without a soul, so what!


Perhaps were just cut glass or ice jewels melting under a hot sun


And just for fun we pretend to be diamonds or blood jewels


Splaying ourselves under the bright light hoping to become more


So what, this is life, life’s always trying to steal the best of someone





And so it’s true, we can’t stich up our sun, but a poet once said we can make it run.  So is it wrong for light not to be so bright or perhaps nature had it right, on an earth that rolls ions around, above and below on star studded ground, we venture. Tell me why, why must we hope for more than we have, it’s perfectly okay that sometimes were happy, sometimes were sad.


Perhaps our sun burns bright enough to abate the darkness. In this we should be happy with our time, in love and in friendship while painting the perfect rhymes, a dove for a soul makes it’s easier to go as the ice slice jewel flickering under prism sun, colors of a lifetime so very well now done.


Yet for some a heaping bowl of faith and Jesus Christ on bread tongue cakes. A choice some think is for steeple chasers, for all who rejoice in their earthly manger.  To each and every earthly one, a walk on moon, on earth or sun, or even on gods own kingdom come.  Above or below these earthly clouds, an old broken man leans on an old broken plow, does life get any better than this he asks, in a broken down backbone in a broken down background, the scent of straw feathered ground under the richness of the cattle brown.  What a neighborhood he says, what a life, to live under these diamond stars of light.


Some may think talk of dark so sad, but I say after a full life we should be glad.  There’s a sun from God on an earth made moon, a fork to eat and a wife to spoon. A life of bliss in a grandchild’s kiss and with or without a god this earthly life we’ll miss.  Oh! But sunbathe we did, as cut crystals we made life dance to live. Some say death do not talk about, but after a full life on this wondrous walk about, I figure life wouldn’t mean as much without death, and even the cold hard ground deserves the rains best kiss. 


So the night rolls over us, so dark, so cold, without heart, without soul, so what!


Go live.


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