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You took of my mother's dignity and stole me from her womb. 

And among your shores, 

I have, on bloodied hands, climbed an endless Everest of your design. 

But where were you as I taught myself? 

Because it was you who bred me for excellence. 


You who found surprise as these same grizzled palms clawed and penetrated every door you closed. 

All I've know is struggle.

And I stand battle hardened. 

All you've taught me is a lack of compassion, amidst your backhanded compliments.

And I stand with only a strand of love for myself. 

All I've wanted was your love. 

And I stand resisting tears of hatred and rejection. 

I am not driven to madness, 

My world was already insane. 

It has become clear that you will try and muddle my existence,

With your willful ignorance .

I have been forced to claim a new house.

I have been caged in undeath.

I have been trying to rend my future from your hands.

There is a fine line between justice and vengeance and I was blinded from birth,

Yet you continue to justify your lack of understanding in the wake of my fury 

By seeing me as an animal.

America, I am your bastard son and I'm coming home.

So let me be the first to welcome you to the jungle.

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Hey! Ireally enjoyed this poem... especially the line "And I stand with only a strand of love for myself". I wanted to know if it's about a soldier? That's what it strike me as but we all interpret things differently, lmk. Thx for writing, T

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Race in america actually, but that's actually a cool interpretation

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Usually with poems that strike these type of themes they often lack poetic artifice. But you made a well spun work with plenty of metaphor that only added to the weightiness. Excellent work and your message is well received.

Joshua Hennen
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