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This girl:

She is not in

She is not out,

She is not here

She is not there,

She is not mine

I am not hers.



We found ourselves linked as one

From the soul

Though It was not part of the bet

For us to be of two minds about the name,

 It was already set

 In description

That we had no original function

When confronted with true friction

We would attract warfare

Long before we could understand this relationships welfare

Death alone, was no longer unfair.


Pity we were yearning for an adverb

When it was adversely clear

That we were abstract to its true definition.

Asserting false restitution

To all our heart breaking resolutions,

Our respiration was not the only problem.

For unknown pronunciations

Of this vicarious verb was all we could find.

Could nobody help?

Or was I just thinking of myself again?


Not much could remain.

When we had to figure out fearfully

That though these feelings occurred live

Neither of us -no matter how much it re-occurred-

From this

Would live.


She could not be mine

And I…

I could not be hers.


The issue is

Our conscience from the past

Lead our sights

To a future that was not:

A world of unfamiliar conversations

Because of reciprocated endings 

 With diction that is alike in nothing.

I love you…

We ended up just reciting.

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Kwaz-Man welcome to Hennen's Observer. I enjoyed your poem immensely. It has many layers of meaning due to the turns of phrases. Thank you!

Joshua Hennen
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