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Humanity is Imaginary, We are all monsters!

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I'm not going to lie to you and tell you there aren't any monsters,
Nor am I going to sugarcoat the facts,
People are monsters, kid. 
Humanity is imaginary.

Everybody chewing each other's ears with horrible remarks,
Making glass eyes fall out with every piercing stare. 
Skin breaking with each hit. 

So I don't understand why we check for monsters beneath the bed,
When they are obvious,
All around us.
Causing suicide and death.
Allowing people to fill our head,
Our heart.

That's when the real damage starts.
The monsters possessing us.
Their strong magic,
So called love
Strong force,
Squeezes our hearts and makes it pulse.
Causing cracks,
Until it rips out of our chest,
And finds a new home in who made it that way.

So yes, monsters are real.
They are in your classes,
And in your home.
They are passing you in the store,
And they are lying to you.

But the realist part about this,
Is you're a monster.
As am I.
We are all born this way.
Humanity is imaginary.
We are all monsters.

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The great uncovering, perfect timing for Halloween, My favorite is the beginning, adding "Kid" brought the poem to life, keep submitting.

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