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Sound by the Pound

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Like a Panegyrist, no! More of Aphaeresis

Red rainbow words paint red rhythmic skies

Slippery and sliding sound found on a fat noun

His guide book laid down in the wet muddy

Holding the head of a gunshot solider buddy


“Poetry’s a gunshot wound through the soul

So severe each tear fills each and every hole”

Gunslingers never forgets that sound

Of the last words they’ve laid down


Sound just sails along, sound unbound and blown

Poet sound found in the simple thumb of a comb

True to the hurt, true to the bone, just say it heart!

Poetry repairs each and every pounding hair

Songs, they just slays it, not all tight poems are sown

Poetry unleashed unguided unreached and unbound

Types of forms, rules and terms can weigh poets down

Any style will do, poetry comes from emotional fools

It comes down to the sound, drunk birds fooling round


Ironic these iconic gestures of art

A bound form from an unbound heart

Are the words of gallant regard?

Or a soul peaking, leaching then reaching

Into the steam of a dark parked car

Let loose these words of gravity

Hear rain fall on corrugated shanty

Crisp and crinkling palm prawns underfoot

Run to the sound, waves crashing down, bah-whoosh


Sound is found unbound blown and free

Poetry wind thrown into the breath of seas

Run from the bindings

Run to the heart

Run strait

Run great

Run long

Run past faith

Into the inner poet heart


Sometime words wanna ride along

Along the grey skies of a wintery song

Tapestries brushing clean the suns of spring

Hummingbird on gazelle backs begin to sing

Steam forms a lady finished in a lovers scent

A starlight peaks into their entire whole

She feels the silk slide against her savage soul

Words and sound are getting down

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