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Cut Crystals

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So the night rolls over us, so dark, so deep, so what. Maybe just maybe were cut glass dancers or ice jewels in the sun, crystal flickering’s in a light well done, so what if we can’t stich up our dam old sun, a poet once said we can make it run. So is it wrong for a light not to be so heavenly bright or perhaps nature has it just right, on an earth that rolls ions above and below some sacred ground. Tell me why, why must we hope for more than we have, an eternal sky opening with crucified hands.


Perhaps our sun burns bright enough nor darkness wake with a magic puff, in this I am happy with my time, in love and friendship while painting rhymes. A dove for a soul makes it no easier to go, this ice slice jewel flickering under the prisms of suns coloring in a lifetime so very well done.

Yet for some a heaping bowl of faith and Jesus Christ under bread tongue cakes. A choice I say for steeple chasers who all rejoice in their manger. To each and every earthly one a walk on earth or in kingdom come, above or below the earthly clouds, an old broken man leans on an old broken plow, does life get any better than this, with its background straw and saddle scent. What a neighborhood, what a life, to live under these diamond stars of night.

Some think this talk of dark so sad, but I say after full lives we should be glad. There’s a sun from God or an earth made moon, a fork to eat and a wife to spoon. A life of bliss in a child’s kiss, with or without a god this earthly life I’ll miss. Oh! But sunbath I did, in cut crystal I made life live, and there is nothing I would not give, to do this whole thing over again.

The winter’s sun sets against the turquoise sky and with love in her heart she blows a kiss goodbye. And says life itself may be our God, I don’t really know, but I loved it all.

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