Fuck it all ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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The reality of it all is

That we are all human and that is all it is

We can run, we can hide

But sometime or another we will deal with pride


The walls are built high

The troops given note to keep an eye

The highest order of strength

Protect emotions at any length


But soon and without a doubt

This wall to will give out

We will have nowhere to hide

And all our Generals will be there no more to guide


No matter how we then cry inside

No one will be able to abide

No one will be able to understand

For this had to be dealt with so long ago by another hand


We were so strong

For so long

We were so stable

No need for our arms to cradle


We have hidden ourselves

From ourselves

We have generated our own hideaway

Our own reality, our own nemesis

We will crumble

We will have to stand and stare in the mirror humble

We will have to admit

That we are nothing but a splint


The wood has burnt

And yet from it nothing we have learnt

For we held so strong for so long

To the wood, already gone


We need to let go

So that we can grow

We need to persist

So that we can exist


Take this splint

And create from it a flint

So that all other old wood can be burnt

So that even our darkest events can be a lesson learnt


Swallow your hurt

Swallow your pride

Swallow your hurt

Swallow your hate


Be the one who is willing to create

Your own future and fate

To hell with Karma

To hell with fate


To hell with it all

It all means F**k-all

Be free, stay free, live free

Giggle, laugh, rejoice in the real ME

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